Thinking of Installing Corner Cabinets? Leave It to the Pros!

It’s easy to see how remodeling your kitchen will totally transform the space. However, when you are ready to install those custom cabinets you’ve always wanted to have in your kitchen, you might want to take a minute to think about those space-guzzling corner areas first. Typical cabinets at a 90-degree angle create space in the corner that is basically unusable, but there are solutions.

Cabinet Creations provides custom kitchen remodeling in southeast MI. Here, the team discusses how choosing a professional contractor to help with installing corner cabinets and customization options could work much better for your design overall.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor To Install Corner Cabinets

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys DIY projects around the house, you may have big plans around kitchen cabinets. However, there’s a lot that can go wrong with corner cabinets to add to the cost and frustration of what you hoped would be an enjoyable home improvement project.

So, here are a few reasons why hiring a competent kitchen cabinet contractor would be the smart choice in the long run:

The Best Tools and Training

You could spend a lot more than you bargained for when buying the tools you need for a cabinet installation. Professional contractors already have all the tools they need for installing corner cabinets in any size kitchen, and they know how to use them safely. These contractors also better themselves by continually updating their training and upgrading their tools to provide the best service possible.

Real-World Experience

If this is the very first kitchen installation, it will go a lot smoother in the hands of contractors like Cabinet Creations, with years of real-world experience. The job needs a sharp eye for detail because seamlessly installing cabinets can be incredibly challenging in terms of alignment, balance, and secure fittings. 

Mistakes will add up quickly when installing cabinets, but a professional has already made and learned from those mistakes over hundreds of successful projects. If you want a flawless result, you need a flawless professional installation.

Masterful Kitchen Design

No two kitchens have the same dimensions. A professional contractor has experience with all kitchen sizes and, more importantly, knows how to install kitchen cabinets in a room that isn’t perfectly square. 

It’s also not uncommon for construction materials to expand and shift over the years. A contractor takes these movements into account as they draw up plans for your kitchen cabinets.

Retrofitting Existing Cabinets

What if you have existing cabinets you love but you want to retrofit them with corner cabinets? A professional contractor can help without causing accidental damage to your existing pieces. It’s especially helpful if some of the old cabinets require modifications to finish the retrofitting process.

Utilizing Corner Kitchen Cabinets to Maximize Your Space

If your kitchen has cabinets on two walls that meet in the corner, you know all about wasted space. The good news is you don’t have to settle for it with the right corner cabinets.

A Place To Store Everything

The free space in the corner isn’t always obvious until you have access to it by installing corner cabinets. Custom corner cabinets give you full access to the entire area, creating lots of extra space to store your small appliances, pots and pans, or anything else you want out of the way.

Better Accessibility 

Not everyone can bend down and dig through a dark lower cabinet to find that one serving tray they only use for the holidays. A corner cabinet with custom features like a lazy susan or pull-out shelving puts everything within reach, particularly for people who have limited mobility or who can’t reach into the taller cabinets.

Free Up Counter Space

When you don’t have cabinet space to store things, your kitchen supplies end up on the counter. A cluttered space minimizes your cooking space and looks untidy. It’s also harder to clean.

However, corner cabinets can create space to store even bulky kitchen items like air fryers and toasters for plenty of space to chop, cook, or entertain.

Easy to Customize Your Corner Kitchen Cabinets

There are countless ways to customize your kitchen cabinets. What do you need? A contractor can help you start organizing your corner kitchen cabinets in just the style you want. Here are some ideas:

Pantry Cabinet

Why not use a pantry cabinet to keep food items you use every day within arm’s reach? A diagonal corner cabinet installed on the upper layer gives you extra pantry space! If you choose to install a glass door or remove the door entirely, you can still use the corner cabinet to display art pieces or your favorite kitchen decor.

Carousel Shelves

You’ve probably seen a small carousel used to store spices or medicine, but it’s a superb option for organizing larger objects in corner cabinets. Carousel shelves can store a lot of kitchenware and rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to access everything inside.

Movable Shelving

Movable shelving attaches to the corner cabinet door, essentially turning it into a large drawer. When you open the cabinet, the drawer moves toward you, giving you easy access to everything inside. Movable shelving gives you space to store items you need every day, like baby bottles or an out-of-the-way spot for pet food.

Corner Drawers

If you don’t want a corner cabinet, choose drawers instead. Corner drawers give you a wide, deep storage area that’s big enough for pots and pans or awkwardly sized kitchen gadgets.

Corner Cabinets To Help You Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen With Cabinet Creations

Corner cabinets can turn an outdated kitchen into a contemporary space with plenty of room to store all your kitchen must-haves. They give you back your counter space, provide extremely accessible storage options, and look fantastic.

Are you ready to revamp your kitchen? The team at Cabinet Creations loves installing corner cabinets to help Southeast Michigan homeowners bring their corner cabinet ideas and more to life! Call our design team at 248-618-3332 or fill out our online contact form for a free quote for your next project!

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