How To Organize Corner Kitchen Cabinets in Your Home

When organizing your kitchen, you might struggle with the seemingly random cabinet in the furthest corner. What can you store in this often mismatched space? What forgotten utensils and equipment lurk in the very back of it?

Cabinet Creations provides expert kitchen remodeling in Southeast MI. Our team has plenty of organizational and improvement experience. Discover how to organize corner kitchen cabinets below. 

Install Add-Ons

Measure and record your corner cabinet’s dimensions and cabinet design. For example, L-shaped cabinets offer different possibilities than U-shaped ones. Then, fit it with add-ons that help you proficiently utilize the area. 

Some creative options include:

  • Lazy Susans: These solutions work well in tricky, awkward spaces like corner cabinets. Choose from varying sizes and improve your cabinet’s accessibility and storage space. 
  • Pull-out shelves: Shelves offer a simple, practical fix for arranging and organizing various items. Depending on the cabinet’s square footage, you can layer the shelving while maximizing space. 
  • Stackable bins: Need an option you can easily remove and rearrange? Try a collection of stackable bins. The receptacles nest inside of one another, offering ample space and top-notch organization.

Once you’ve found a suitable solution to improve the original design, dive into the next step of discovering how to organize corner kitchen cabinets.

Decide What to Store

Kitchen organization often brings a sense of liberation and accomplishment, but the awkward corner cabinet presents a unique challenge to most home cooks. Deciding on the right items to store in it can help you make the most of your space.

Store Food

Corner cabinets often provide an ideal environment for food or spice storage. The cabinets keep edible items cool, preserved, and separated from heavy cookware or utensils that could damage the packaging. Solutions like lazy susans and stackable bins accommodate various food items like bread, canned goods, and boxes of rice. You can also access them without any struggle. 

Organize Awkward Items

Do you struggle to store spatulas, serving spoons, and gravy boats featured on holidays? Your corner cabinet offers the perfect opportunity to separate these items from frequently used utensils and cookware. Dinner sets relegated for special occasions will fit perfectly here. 

This idea helps you access these items when needed. However, they won’t occupy much-needed storage space in more obvious locations throughout your kitchen. You can also shop for customized storage solutions for a more personal approach to awkward cookware organization. 

Allot Space for Small Items

Is your corner cabinet on the narrow side? Use it for everyday utensils, minimal spice racks, and other small, delicate kitchenware. When you organize corner cabinets, you must fit the stored items to the cabinet size for the sake of maximizing corner cabinet storage.

Smaller cabinets provide the perfect area to nestle delicate items you might otherwise lose in large storage spaces. 

Discover How To Organize Corner Kitchen Cabinets With Solutions From Cabinet Creations 

Dive deeper into tips on how to organize corner kitchen cabinets with endless solutions from Cabinet Creations. Our services include installing corner cabinets and creating custom designs. Call 248-618-3332 to schedule an appointment with our design team.

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