How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Project: 5 Pro Tips

Ask any homeowner which room they would completely overhaul and many point to the kitchen. But it can cost tens of thousands to fully renovate this space. So, knowing how to plan a kitchen remodel is essential to getting the most for your hard-earned money.

As the most trusted team for custom cabinetry and kitchen remodeling in Southeast MI, Cabinet Creations shares a few tips below to make the remodeling experience more enjoyable.

Stress-Proof Your Kitchen Renovation Project With Pro Tips

Aside from being a major financial investment, your kitchen remodeling project will require some time, creativity, and patience. Planning is crucial since you may not have access to your kitchen during the process, and there will be some disruptive noise and mess to handle. However, the experience will be a lot less stressful if you’ve worked out some details beforehand so that you can focus on getting excited about the results.

#1 Set a Budget and Work Around That Number

The average cost for a kitchen remodel changes every year, but homeowners can estimate what they will need to spend by thinking about the extent of the work and the materials they want to use. You could start that wish list with top-of-the-line, professional-grade appliances, and stunning marble countertops. But does it fit into your budget expectations?

It’s far more effective to set a budget for the remodel that you can realistically afford, leaving a little room for unexpected expenses as well. As a rule of thumb, add 10% to 20% for cost overruns to give yourself some flexibility. You may decide to make some changes or upgrades in the middle of the renovation process.

How should you start the planning process?

  • Remove everything from the existing cabinets and drawers.
  • Critically evaluate how you currently use the space.
  • Identify what works and what doesn’t.
  • Check off any elements worth keeping.

Doing it this way helps you set priorities for the room’s makeover. It also clarifies the projects that are must-dos and which can wait until later. Once you know what your brand-new kitchen actually needs, why not visit a home improvement store or showroom to start pricing materials?

While a team like Cabinet Creations will always recommend using the best quality materials you can afford, shopping around can clear up which ideas won’t fit the bottom line you have in mind.

#2 Do Your Homework on What You Really Want from the Space

Have you done some research to collect ideas and figure out what you want out of your home’s transformation? Explore showrooms, home improvement stores, websites, and design publications for inspiration. You can also consider whether you want a contemporary or traditional style, a color scheme, or a unique design.

Knowing how to plan a kitchen remodel involves some forethought about specific things you want to see in the new space. So, while you create a portfolio of design ideas, ask the following questions:

  • Does the kitchen fit my desired lifestyle?
  • What upkeep will the new materials require? Do I need something easier to care for?
  • Does the kitchen include elements that will look dated in a few years?
  • How can I give this design a personal touch?
  • Will this idea require substantial changes to the existing electrical or plumbing systems?

You might also want to think about whether your current kitchen has something that will fit into the updated design for old times’ sake.

#3 Decide What Will Make or Break Your Kitchen Renovation Plan

Sometimes, a dream kitchen requires compromise to stay on budget. To determine where you can compromise, identify your non-negotiables from the start.

For example, granite is a popular countertop material, but it comes at a price. When considering your options, you might also wonder, how big should a kitchen island be? to determine if you can afford granite on every countertop, or if it’s more feasible to use it only for the most visible parts of the kitchen, like the island. For other areas, you could opt for a less expensive material, like butcher block or laminate.

Deciding on non-negotiables prevents disappointment and helps you achieve a home makeover with the features you truly want. A talented designer and contractor will also help you find worthy substitutions for a similar but less expensive look.

#4 Work with a Professional Designer to Nail the Finer Details

Hiring a kitchen designer to revamp your kitchen certainly saves time and money. But it can also help you explore the options that give you the highest return on investment. Professionals help you do the following:

  • Create a functional layout that maximizes space
  • Find clever solutions to storage dilemmas
  • Incorporate lighting, color, and textures to give the space depth and a cohesive look

The designer will also help you choose the right materials to make your ideal kitchen a reality.

#5 The Best Contractor is Local, Experienced, and Trustworthy

A trustworthy contractor communicates openly, makes you feel comfortable, and demonstrates their skill. If you want a well-built kitchen that lasts, use qualified contractors to plan and execute your kitchen remodel. They can source the best materials and uphold building codes to craft a flawless new space for you to enjoy.

Wait! Ask These Questions Before You Hire Someone for Your Remodel

If your kitchen decor still features country geese wearing bonnets or you store pans in the oven because there isn’t enough storage space, it’s time for an upgrade.

Great questions to ask kitchen remodeling contractors before hiring them include the following:

  • What are your credentials?
  • Do you have a valid license and insurance?
  • Do you facilitate the building permit process?
  • Do you subcontract?
  • What is the proposed project timeline?
  • Do you have references and a portfolio of your work?

If you like the answers, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the best decision.

Choose Cabinet Creations for Stunning Kitchen Remodeling!

Whatever your kitchen goals, Cabinet Creations can help. The perfect cabinets or countertops might be the secret to achieving that kitchen transformation with very little effort. And there’s so much more we’d love to share with you.

So, call Cabinet Creations at (248) 618-3332 today to learn how to plan a kitchen remodel, install the most beautiful custom cabinetry, and more!

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