4 Crucial Tips to Achieve Your Remodeled Kitchen Goals

So, you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is a great way to boost property values, but it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. With that in mind, the Cabinet Creations team is here to cover several useful tips to help you achieve your kitchen goals.

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1. Hire a Designer First

There are plenty of questions to ask before remodeling a kitchen, and some of the most important revolve around the design. Initial designs give you an idea of what the finished space will look like and help you chart out basic features like colors, patterns, and materials.

Unless you have previous experience performing kitchen design, we highly recommend hiring a qualified expert. A professional designer understands the most popular combination of kitchen trends and can use their experience to make something unique, functional, and energy-efficient.

2. Consider the Layout

The layout is incredibly important, as it determines positioning and access to items in the kitchen, such as fridges, stoves, islands, cabinets, and more. The layout should be one of the very first things you determine when you are making kitchen remodeling plans.

Neglecting the layout can cause major hiccups in installation. The last thing you want is to start installing appliances and realize you don’t have enough space to fully open the cabinet or fridge doors. As such, be sure you include clearance measurements when creating your kitchen design.

3. Create a Timeline

It can take several weeks to finish your kitchen goals, depending on the materials and size of your kitchen. Regardless of the scope of your project, you want to establish a tentative timeline so you have a rough idea of when everything should be complete.

Having a timeline is helpful because you can plan your schedule around having workers in your home. Note that your initial estimates might be off, so you should schedule extra “flex time” in case renovations take longer than you initially expected.

4. Create an Emergency Fund

Creating a cozy kitchen can be a significant financial investment between paying for materials, appliances, and labor. Of course, it’s possible you might run into complications and end up going over your budget.

That is why we recommend adding an extra 10% after calculating your initial renovation budget. That extra 10% can help cover any unexpected costs and keep you from getting stuck if you end up running over your planned budget.

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