What Is the Difference Between Kitchen Renovation and Kitchen Remodeling?

Do you need kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling? What’s the difference between them anyway?

The terminology used by home improvement experts can sometimes be confusing for the average person. To make it easier, we never miss the chance to educate our customers. This article will explain what both terminologies mean in detail.

What Is Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen renovation refers to restoring the space to make it look as good as new. In kitchen renovation, the technicians will not make any drastic changes to the kitchen. They will focus on returning the kitchen to its former glory. You need a kitchen renovation if you have an old kitchen that needs revamping.

Some of the things the kitchen renovation team will do during the project include redecorating the space, installing new fittings and fixtures, replacing or refacing cabinets, and more.

What Is Kitchen Remodeling?

By definition, a kitchen remodel involves changing the structure of your kitchen. The goal of the project aims to transform the kitchen layout and style, giving you a completely different space. Successful remodels can improve kitchen functionality. At the end of a kitchen remodel, your kitchen will look unrecognizable (in a good way).

Some of the things your contractor will do during a kitchen remodeling project include wall breakdowns or erections, expanding tight spaces, replastering or retiling, electrical and plumbing changes, and more. It’s a job you should only leave for qualified professionals with significant experience in kitchen remodeling projects.

Which One Do You Need?

To figure out what you need, you should remind yourself of the key differences between kitchen renovation and remodeling.

You should request a kitchen renovation if you want your kitchen’s layout to remain unchanged. The contractor will spend time upgrading your fixtures and finishes without making significant changes to the kitchen foundation.

If you want a complete transformation of the kitchen layout, then you need a kitchen remodeling service. The contractor can add a window for more lighting, turn the cramped kitchen into an open-plan kitchen with an island, add a sitting area, and make any other realistic alterations you want.

The Cost of Kitchen Renovation vs. Remodeling

A kitchen renovation job generally costs less than a kitchen remodeling job. In the latter, the contractor doesn’t need to reconfigure the space. Thus, they have less construction work to do.

On the other hand, renovation often involves surface changes like repainting the walls, changing or refurbishing lower and upper cabinets, and more.

Keep in mind that your contractor for the kitchen project may recommend a remodel if a renovation is impractical based on your requests. This often occurs when you want a modern kitchen design in an older property. For insights on optimal timelines and when to consider a kitchen makeover, check out our detailed guide on how often to remodel your kitchen.

Request Kitchen Renovation or Remodeling in South Michigan Today

Renovating or remodeling your kitchen provides an excellent opportunity to increase your property’s value and take proper advantage of your kitchen space.

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