The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling for Home Values

Most Southeast Michigan homeowners want to increase their home’s value before listing it on the market. Remodeling your kitchen is a fantastic way to increase your property’s value, allowing you to get more for your residence when it’s time to sell. However, many Southeast Michigan residents don’t understand how much they can benefit from professional kitchen remodeling services.

That’s why Cabinet Creations put together some of the best advantages of kitchen remodeling and how the benefits affect your property’s value.

Cabinet Creations is one of Southeast Michigan’s leading professional kitchen remodeling services. We specialize in high-quality cabinet and kitchen renovations that help your kitchen reach its full visual potential. If you want to improve your kitchen’s appearance, efficiency, organization, and more, contact Cabinet Creations for professional kitchen remodeling services in Southeast Michigan.

How Kitchen Remodeling Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Nearly 70% of realtors say kitchens are the biggest selling point of a house. Potential buyers are more likely to pay higher prices for a home with an impeccable kitchen than one with a mediocre cooking area. Professional kitchen remodeling allows you to update the kitchen’s appearance, transforming outdated cooking spaces into charming modern kitchens.

Renovation experts believe property owners should spend between six to ten percent of their residence’s value on kitchen remodeling. This ensures an optimal ROI (return on investment) and prevents you from overspending. Cabinet Creations offers high-quality kitchen remodeling that will upgrade your home’s cooking space and help you get the most from your ROI.

Benefits of Professional Kitchen Remodeling for Home Value

Again, professional kitchen remodeling can dramatically increase your home’s value while making it more enticing to potential buyers. Below are some of the most prevalent benefits of kitchen remodeling.

Improves Efficiency

Many older kitchens feature outdated fixtures and tight spaces that make cooking and organizing frustrating. The diminished counter space and inadequate design make the kitchen less appealing to interested homebuyers, decreasing the chances of someone purchasing your home.

Kitchen remodeling allows you to improve the kitchen’s layout and appearance before listing it on the market, making it more desirable to buyers. The modern kitchen features and enhanced countertop materials make cooking and storing goods easy and stress-free, allowing you to sell your home for money.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Older kitchens are much less energy efficient than modern models and can drastically increase the home’s monthly energy bills. Outdated faucets also waste more water than contemporary variations, further increasing your payments. These subpar features can cause the owner to waste hundreds of dollars every year, making them less appealing to people interested in purchasing your home.

Enhancing your kitchen with modern fixtures and lighting can increase its energy efficiency and make your home more enticing to homebuyers. Energy-efficient LED lights use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs, allowing the homeowner to save money over time. Low-flow faucets also use much less water than older models and can further the new homeowner’s savings.

When remodeling your kitchen, always select Energy Star-rated appliances to ensure energy efficiency. These appliances meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy standards and will increase interest among environmentally conscious homebuyers.

Improves Safety

Some older stoves emit dangerous gasses like nitrogen dioxide that make them less safe to use. These pollutants can significantly reduce your home’s indoor air quality, causing numerous health problems ranging from difficulty breathing to fatigue. Replacing old stoves with new and improved models will enhance your home’s air quality, making your kitchen much safer.

You can also install other kitchen features during the remodeling process to further the space’s safety. Other safety features include:

  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • A fire extinguisher holder
  • Bright lighting
  • Smoke detectors

Improving your kitchen safety is a great way to appeal to families with young children, helping you sell your home faster and for a higher value.

Provides More Storage Space

Many Southwest Michigan residents enjoy cooking and store dozens of spices and cooking supplies in their kitchens. However, some kitchens don’t feature spacious cabinets or pantries, making it difficult to store ingredients, pans, canned goods, and other kitchen essentials. Replacing your old compact cabinets with large, roomy cabinetry will provide more storage space to future homeowners, increasing the property’s value while making it more enticing to foodies and cooking enthusiasts.

Large families often require a lot of kitchen space since they have more mouths to feed. They typically buy in bulk and prefer spacious cooking areas that aren’t prone to clutter. Incorporating more storage into your kitchen remodel will make your home more attractive to large families, expanding your home’s buying audience.

How Much Does a Professional Kitchen Renovation Increase My Property’s Value?

The ROI depends on the extent of the kitchen remodel and the quality of work. For example, minor kitchen upgrades often increase a property’s value more than a complete kitchen remodel. Higher quality fixtures and countertops also don’t enhance the value as much as mid-range appliances.

Minor renovations are much cheaper than major remodels, making it easier to make your money back after selling the property. Many first-time homebuyers don’t need top-tier appliances and will be more than happy with a mid-tier stove.

Modernization is much more important than top-tier fixtures, so it’s best to focus on upgrading old appliances and countertops before installing luxury apparatuses.

The remodeling specialists at Cabinet Creations will help you find the best kitchen appliances for your home that will increase your home’s value while maximizing your return on investment.

Contact Cabinet Creations for Exceptional Kitchen Remodeling in Southeast Michigan

If you need professional kitchen remodeling in Southeast Michigan, contact Cabinet Creations. Our team can handle even the most strenuous kitchen projects expeditiously, increasing your home’s value at a price that won’t break the bank.

Whether you need to make minor kitchen renovations or remodel the entire space, Cabinet Creations has the experience to get the job done.

Don’t trust inexperienced kitchen remodeling companies with your next kitchen project. Give Cabinet Creations a call at (248) 453-7414 and receive first-class kitchen remodeling in Southeast Michigan today!

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