How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor in Michigan

When you decide to remodel your home, whether it’s an upgrade to the 1980s kitchen, overhauling the new laundry room or mudroom, adding a bathroom, or completing any other project, finding ideas and inspiration is easy. But finding the right team to bring those ideas to life is much harder. 

Before you let your brother’s friend’s cousin take on the job or attempt DIY home renovations because you aren’t sure how to find the right crew, review this guide on how to choose a remodeling contractor. As a trusted source for kitchen remodeling in Michigan, Cabinet Creations understands what goes into a successful home improvement project, what makes an excellent contractor, and the red flags to avoid while researching local service providers.

With this guide, you don’t have to worry about hiring the wrong professionals to work on your home. From the worker’s experience to how well you connect with the team, here are the things to consider when hiring anyone to work on your home. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Contractor: A Checklist 

Home renovations are a significant investment. When you’re investing thousands of dollars in a project, you want to be sure you have the right people in place to shepherd the project to completion and keep it under budget and on time. These tips for hiring a contractor can help make that happen. 

1. They Listen and Understand Your Vision 

Whether you’re remodeling for aesthetic purposes, better functionality, or both, your contractor should take time to understand what you want from the space, now and in the future. Instead of providing cookie-cutter solutions, they’ll get to know you and your family to understand how you use your home, what you like and don’t like about the current space, and what you may need down the road. This lets them help you plan a project that exceeds expectations without miscommunication or unpleasant surprises along the way. 

2. They Come Highly Recommended 

Ask any expert how to choose a remodeling contractor, and they’ll tell you to ask for recommendations. Word of mouth and referrals from people you know and trust can help you identify companies you might not otherwise encounter in an online search. Plus, you get honest insights about the company’s work quality, reliability, costs, and the overall experience they had during the project, which can help you decide whether the contractor is a good match for you. 

3. They Have Glowing Reviews 

In addition to asking friends and family for their opinions, check out the reviews and testimonials from previous clients on sites like Yelp, Houzz, and Google Reviews. Pay close attention to how well the company responds to complaints or concerns and whether there are any trends or recurring themes in the reviews. For example, if multiple reviews mention late arrivals or poor communication, that’s a red flag to pay attention to.

In addition to customer reviews, check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure there aren’t any outstanding issues with previous customers and ask the company directly for references from past clients. 

4. They Have a Portfolio of Similar Projects 

Reviewing a contractor’s portfolio is the best way to get a sense of their work quality, design skills, and commitment to their clients’ needs. Look for similar projects to what you want to gauge how well the team will execute your vision. 

Confirm that the examples in the portfolio are recent and reflect the work of the current crew. Worker or management changes can impact work quality, so be sure you’re not evaluating a contractor based on old or outdated projects.

5. They Have the Right Credentials 

Your home is too important to leave in the hands of just any contractor or anyone who claims they can work on home improvement projects. It’s critical to check on a company’s credentials before you sign a contract to ensure they have the proper licenses and insurance coverage in place. Ask for proof of their credentials to give yourself greater peace of mind that they have the skills and knowledge to manage the project responsibly.

6. They Address the Details 

A good home improvement company will provide you with a detailed breakdown that outlines critical elements of the project, ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start. The contract should include details like the project timeline, payment schedule, material selections, and the specific responsibilities of each party. Review the contract in detail to ensure you and the company are on the same page before work starts; don’t hesitate to ask questions, get clarification, or negotiate changes when necessary.

7.  They Provide Free Quotes 

For some homeowners, the answer to “how to choose a remodeling contractor” comes down to which company is the least expensive. Staying within your budget is always a concern, but choosing someone to work on your home based on price alone is often a fast track to disaster. Project costs can vary wildly, and going with a cut-rate contractor could mean dealing with the consequences of shoddy materials or faulty work later on or sacrificing some of the items on the wish list because you’re overpaying for materials or labor. 

Request project proposals and quotes from multiple sources before committing to work with one. Doing so lets you make the most informed decision based on how much you can afford to spend and your project goals. 

8. They Have Clear Policies 

Home remodeling contractors have varying policies regarding everything from payment schedules to work hours. When meeting candidates, discuss their policies and typical work habits. 

For example, when do they typically start work each day, or what do they need in terms of space for parking or supplies? These details might not be deal breakers, but you need to be aware of them to prevent misunderstandings or headaches.

9. They’re Easy to Get Along With 

When you hire someone for a home remodeling project, they will be in your home for several weeks or longer. You must get along with them and feel comfortable around them. Choose a partner who communicates well, listens, and makes you feel like the project is important to them.

That means avoiding contractors who don’t return calls quickly, are hard to reach, or take a long time to get back to you with quotes or design ideas. A company that’s hard to work with during the initial stages of the project is likely to continue to be challenging as the work progresses. Overhauling any room, especially a kitchen, is already a major undertaking, and the last thing anyone needs is a contractor who’s hard to work with or doesn’t keep you in the loop.

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