7 Transitional Kitchen Ideas to Consider

Blending contemporary and traditional kitchen styles creates the newest trend in home design, the transitional kitchen. Showcasing a light, airy appearance that appeals to any homeowner, the combined styles from today and yesteryear produce a beautiful, uncluttered space that extends a warm invitation to family and friends. Take advantage of these seven transitional kitchen ideas from experts in kitchen remodeling in Southeast, MI.

1. Use Neutral Colors

From stainless steel appliances to backsplash tones, a neutral color palette provides you with a blank canvas to decorate to your heart’s desire. Black, white, gray, and beige make popular choices for neutral color bases, but you can also choose non-neutral colors like blue as a foundation to build on. Whichever color you choose for your transitional kitchen, make sure that you can easily change styles over time without having to completely reformat your kitchen’s interior design.

2. Decorate Sparsely

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free not only makes it easier to clean and cook in but it also enhances the perceived size of the room. Use fewer decorations to maintain the transitional style, and make good use of cabinet and drawer space to keep countertops clean.

3. Invest in Your Countertops

Countertops make up a significant portion of your kitchen’s interior design, so invest in the material you use to build them. Marble countertops look beautiful and last for decades, as do granite and quartz countertops.

4. Let Natural Light In

The most popular transitional kitchen ideas consist of using natural light to brighten your kitchen. Open your drapes or blinds and flood your kitchen with sunlight, which not only can help warm your home but also provides a free light source.

5. Incorporate Practical Lighting

Whether you have an enclosed kitchen or enjoy the advantages of an open-concept design, practical kitchen design consists of using manufactured lighting strategically. Light the underside of your cabinets, or install pendant lights above your kitchen island. By using different types of lighting and varying the intensity and brightness of the lights, you can control the mood in your kitchen while cooking or entertaining.

6. Install Timeless Cabinets

Cabinets can make or break your transitional kitchen, so stick to shaker-style doors that you can dress up or down with different handles and hardware. You can also paint shaker-style doors any color, making them easy to refinish in the future.

7. Add Wood to Your Interior Design

Wood never goes out of style and provides you with the opportunity to use light or dark colors in your kitchen’s interior design. Whether you use it for your cabinets or flooring, using wood combines traditional styles with contemporary kitchen design and stands to last as a stylish kitchen material for centuries to come.

Bring Your Transitional Kitchen to Life With Cabinet Creations

Using this guide to transitional kitchens provides you with everything from lighting to building material suggestions. If you love these transitional kitchen ideas, call Cabinet Creations in Katy, TX, at (248) 618-3332 to discuss the difference between a traditional and transitional kitchen and what an upgrade means for your home.

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