The Resurgence Of Natural Wood Cabinets

Do you remember the oak cabinets in every 1990s kitchen? It was a popular aesthetic. Since then, homeowners have moved to painted cabinets, however, wood finish cabinets are making a comeback. While white painted cabinets are still dominating new kitchen designs, cabinet manufacturers and kitchen designers are noticing a growing trend for natural wood cabinetry.

But why?

Some designers believe that the natural materials and tones offer some comfort to our busy schedules, technology, and social media. As a natural material, wood offers an authenticity that many are seeking post pandemic. After years of being cooped up, people are looking for a return to nature.  Andrea, a senior designer at Cabinet Creations, says, “wood has a warmer feel as opposed to the sterile white kitchen.”

Don’t want to decorate your kitchen with floor to ceiling wood? Introducing wood cabinets to your kitchen doesn’t mean you’ll end up with something that looks like a log cabin. Adding wood textures to your kitchen isn’t an all or nothing deal. A popular trend is to compliment painted cabinets with a wood finish island or buffet. Using wood for a kitchen island can create a bold statement piece for the room. Darker wood stains pair well with the use of lighter color elsewhere to keep the kitchen bright.

White oak is the popular choice today. The kitchens you remember from decades ago were made from red oak which created that distinctive orange color. On the contrary, white oak offers a subtle, neutral tone. Depending on the finish, wood can provide a warm, rustic feel or a clean contemporary look to a room.

Cabinet Creations is pleased to announce that our primary manufacturer just introduced five new stain colors. Reach out to us today if you want to discuss how you can incorporate a timeless wood color into your remodeling project.

Kirk Richardson
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