Replacing the Kitchen Floor Without Removing Cabinets: How the Pros Do It

Replacing the Kitchen Floor Without Removing Cabinets: How the Pros Do It

When it’s time to get a new kitchen floor, you might wonder whether you need to remove kitchen cabinets sitting on the floor to complete the job. Fortunately, replacing the kitchen floor without removing cabinets is possible with the right experience and tools. Cabinet Creations isn’t a stranger to doing an expert kitchen remodel in Southeast MI, so below we explain how professionals install a new kitchen floor without removing lower cabinets.

Choose the Right Flooring Material

When replacing a kitchen floor without removing cabinets, you should consider the type of material you’ll use for your new flooring. The chosen material’s qualities will affect the floor installation’s quality.

For example, wood floor maintenance in kitchens can be excessive, and porcelain or ceramic tiles aren’t easy to cut to accommodate the shapes and corners of the cabinet protrusions, making them less suitable for this project. Tile is also thicker than other materials, so it can reduce the countertop height if you don’t install it under the cabinetry.

Creating an unglued floating floor using linoleum flooring or wood laminate flooring is a better option. They’re thinner, less likely to cause damage by shrinking or expanding under cabinets, and are easy to repair.

Remove the Old Flooring

To install new flooring, you should remove the old material first. Start by removing the toe kick at the cabinets’ base and cut through the current flooring material using a saw for hardwood or a sharp blade for vinyl, laminate, or linoleum. A hammer and chisel can help remove flooring around corners where the floor and cabinets meet.

Install New Flooring Around the Cabinets

Once the old flooring is gone, except for what’s under the cabinets, measure your new flooring’s planks, strips, or tiles and cut them accordingly. Measure, cut, and install as you go to avoid miscalculations.

Finally, seal the edges of the new flooring around the cabinets and walls. Pay attention to places where moisture will likely get on the floor from splashes and spills, like the floor around the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

Add a Toe Kick

A toe kick is a thin panel or quarter-round molding that gives the meeting point between flooring and cabinets a seamless look. It covers the gaps and improves the look of the floor installation where the cabinets remain in place. If you have laminate floors, you can match the toe kick to it or use plywood to match the cabinets.

Get the Most of Your New Flooring With a Professional Installation From Cabinet Creations

Cabinet Creations’ kitchen remodeling crew has lots of experience in replacing kitchen floors without removing cabinets, but we can also replace both during a single remodeling project. Our team has a high number of completed jobs with satisfied customers because we prioritize our customers’ needs and preferences. As a leading remodeling company in Southeast MI, we can manage your remodeling project from start to finish.

The ideal flooring for your kitchen is only a phone call away. Contact Cabinet Creations today at (248) 618-3332 to book your floor installation consultation.

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