9 Cozy and Sophisticated Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

If a warm cup of coffee is what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, you will love our ideas for a kitchen coffee bar. You can design and style a coffee bar to suit your tastes and complement the rest of your home. We have some great ideas for all types of kitchens, whether you have room to spare or just enough space for you and a furry friend.

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1. Country Chic Coffee Bar

If you love the rustic look of visible hardware and unfinished wood, you can incorporate that into your coffee bar. A side table with miniature barn doors that slide open and closed will create the vibe you’re going for. Add a couple of shelves and some greenery, and you have plenty of room to store all your coffee supplies.

2. Retro Maximalist Vibes

Minimalism gave way to maximalism, which creates a friendly, comfortable feel within your home. You can bring that feel to your coffee bar by choosing a brightly-colored coffee maker, kettle, and cups. Add some retro artwork and enjoy the friendly vibes of your coffee bar while you make your favorite blend in the mornings.

3. Steampunk Coffee Corner

There’s something comforting about the industrial, steampunk types of coffee shops. The smell of the beans combined with exposed piping and dark, brooding ambiance makes anyone feel like a troubled artist. A dark-colored bar with wire storage baskets sets the stage for your steampunk coffee corner. 

Add some distressed shelving and plenty of hooks for your favorite mugs. An espresso machine and a pour-over coffee setup complete the look.

4. Plant Lover’s Coffee Bar 

If you love plants as much as you love coffee, why not combine the space? This option is ideal for small spaces and homes with a ton of light in one area. Add some shelves to hold your favorite houseplants, and make sure to save some room for your coffee, sweetener, and “Plant Parent” coffee mug.

5. Repurpose Old Furniture

Older furniture was built to last. If you inherited an old dresser or end table, you already have a sturdy foundation for a unique kitchen coffee bar. Refinish it to bring out the natural pattern of the wood, or paint it to match the rest of your kitchen.

6. Coffee Bar Inside a Cabinet

If you have extra storage space in your kitchen, why not use a cabinet for your coffee station? You can store multiple coffee makers if you use one for regular days and one when you’re entertaining friends. You can keep your home coffee setup out of the way if you need extra counter space for cooking.

7. Themed Coffee Bar With Rotating Decor

Holiday decor gives you an extra dopamine boost. Leave some extra space on the counter and shelves for rotating decor to give you something exciting to see every morning. A countertop snowman will create cozy winter vibes, red heart-shaped lights are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day, and beautiful flowers say “hello” to Spring. 

8. Coffee Corner for Small Spaces

Not everyone has room for a separate coffee bar, but you can still create a coffee area you love, even if it’s just one corner. Put your coffee pot on top of a decorative tray to elevate the space and hold everything you need, including sugar and your favorite mug. Small spaces make your mornings extra cozy.

9. Go Big With a Full Bar

On the other end of the spectrum of coffee bar ideas, we have a full bar setup, including coffee, wine, and liqueur. Use the space for coffee in the morning and entertain friends in the evening with alcoholic options. Include a mini-fridge to store all your favorite beverages in the same area.

Create Your Dream Coffee Bar With Custom Cabinetry 

Coffee is a huge part of your morning routine, and setting up a kitchen coffee bar will help you look forward to starting each day. Whether you only have a small corner of counter space to dedicate to your coffee bar or you want to go all-out and create a full bar with several drink options, there are modern kitchen designs for everyone.

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