What Cabinet Color Goes with Black Countertops?

Shopping for new kitchen countertops means making many important decisions. While the durability and maintenance requirements of the kitchen countertop material are always concerns, many homeowners put aesthetics first. Black is often an appealing color choice — but what cabinet color goes with black countertops?

Choosing a color scheme is one of the most important decisions in any remodeling project, as the mix of hues on the cabinets, surfaces, walls, and flooring sets the tone for the space and reflects your style. Choosing the wrong colors can quickly look dated, so finding the perfect timeless combination ensures the room looks great for years to come.

Cabinet Creations’ kitchen design experts can help you choose the perfect color combination, no matter what color countertops you have. As a leading source for kitchen remodeling services in Southeast MI, we have decades of experience building custom cabinetry and helping homeowners make decisions that ensure they fall in love with their new kitchens. Here, we highlight five cabinet colors that always look amazing with black countertops.

Pair These Cabinet Colors With Black Counters

Black is neutral, and it’s easy to find black granite slabs or composite materials, so many homeowners think that choosing it for counters means they can pick any other color for the rest of the kitchen. However, finding the right complementary color isn’t always as easy as one might think. With that in mind, use these ideas for inspiration when thinking about what cabinet color goes with black countertops.


White cabinets are the most common cabinet color with black counters. Black and white is a timeless color combination, and the cabinetry’s light color makes the deep ebony tones of the counters stand out.


Pairing black cabinets with black counters may feel extreme, but the look is sleek and clean — and the perfect backdrop for unique lighting and accessories. Avoid a cave-like feeling with light-colored walls and floors.


Gray cabinets add depth to larger kitchens without the closed-in feeling that comes with darker colors. Warm gray is also the perfect antidote to a cold or stark feeling all-white room, especially in large spaces with lots of windows.

Wood Tones

Wood cabinets are classic and match any kitchen countertop material or color. Whitewashed or light-toned wood cabinets and black countertops feel fresh and modern, while darker cherry or mahogany wood tones look sophisticated next to black granite.

Blue and Green

Bold blue or green cabinetry will make any kitchen stand out in a good way. Light blue cabinets create an airy feeling, while navy, teal, and emerald are sophisticated and trendy choices. Sage green creates an earthy vibe, while mint green is an unexpected accompaniment to obsidian or onyx counters.

Choose Cabinet Creations for Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

When replacing countertops, matching the cabinets is key to a cohesive space.  If you need more help figuring out what cabinet color goes with black countertops or want to discuss a kitchen remodeling project, give Cabinet Creations a call at (248) 618-3332. Our installers can help with anything related to cabinetry and will be there when you need them

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