Withholding Budget Disclosure?

How Clamming Up About Your Project Budget Can Hurt Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Publication Date: 03-21-2023

You’ve decided it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Various layout options have been reviewed and you know some of the new features you want for your new kitchen. At the appointment with the Kitchen Designer, you feel confident she understands all the features and design aspects you want. Everything is going well. She asks, “What’s your budget for this project?”

Now what?

Should you tell her the low end of your budget to get the most economical kitchen you can? What about a number somewhere in the middle of the road in case the project goes over budget? Would telling her the hard cap of your maximum budget be the best option?

A Designer Without a Budget Is Like Playing Darts Without a Target

When it comes to designing and installing a new kitchen, budget transparency is best. Your designer isn’t aware of your financial situation or what budget would be comfortable for you. Without this information, she can only guess and make assumptions when putting together an estimate. If the Kitchen Designer assumes you have a lower budget, features you wanted in your new kitchen may not be included in the design. If your Kitchen Designer presents an estimate that exceeds your budget, this may give you sticker shock and cause you to rethink the kitchen remodel altogether. Neither of these are in the best interest of the designer and presenting either of these options would be a disservice to you.

Every kitchen remodel is a custom creation. When you come to Cabinet Creations, you will receive a kitchen design and estimate that is tailored specifically to you. This will be your bespoke kitchen project.  In today’s industry there are a variety of options for kitchen materials and finishes. Because of this, there can never be a universal price for the final project.

As of 2023, a kitchen remodel may range from $20,000 to over $80,000 depending on an immeasurable variety of options available to the homeowner. Unfortunately, that can be a pretty big margin of error when the designer is unsure of where the target budget should be.

Let Your Designer Work Their Magic

With a defined budget, you can empower your Kitchen Designer to provide the best service possible. Through the consultation process she will learn which areas are of higher importance to you and be able to distribute your budget accordingly. Through her network of manufacturers, her industry knowledge, and various resources, she can find the best value for your budget. If your heart is set on a luxury style countertop, she may be able to source a cost-effective product line of cabinetry to make those high priority items become available to you.

Throughout the planning stages of your project, your Kitchen Designer will be your best ally and resource to achieve your project goals. Open communication is necessary to provide an accurate quote that is defined by your budget. If you are concerned about how your Kitchen Designer will allocate your budget, you are encouraged to ask. An honest Kitchen Designer won’t need to hide those details.

Even a Rough Budget Is a Great Starting Point

So when you are asked, “what’s your budget for this project?” give your most honest answer. Let your Kitchen Designer know what budget you are most comfortable with. Tell your designer if you have some wiggle room specifically for the features that are of high priority to you. Equally, be honest if the budget given is the absolute maximum you have available to spend.  Openly disclosing your kitchen remodeling budget will create an opportunity for your Kitchen Designer to provide you with the best possible service, the best possible experience, and the best possible final results for your brand-new kitchen.

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