What Is the Best Material To Use for a Kitchen Backsplash?

What Is the Best Material To Use for a Kitchen Backsplash?

A kitchen backsplash can instantly upgrade the room’s appearance when you choose the right material. Today’s stylish backsplashes are available in many sizes and colors, so you might need some guidance to find the right option for your kitchen’s interior design and layout.

What is the best material to use for kitchen backsplash surfaces? As a top contractor for kitchen remodeling in Southeast MI, the team at Cabinet Creations has the answers below.

How To Choose a Backsplash Design That’s Utterly Perfect

Before selecting a backsplash material, consider your kitchen’s overall design. Whatever material you choose, it should complement the overall design. For example, you may want to try a contrast with the color of the countertop and flooring to create an attractive focal point.

You should also think about whether you want the backsplash to cover multiple walls around the kitchen for a unified look. It might help the space look larger.

Another option is to cover every square foot over very specific areas, like the space over the kitchen sink or under a window.

Popular Backsplash Materials

What do the experts say is the best material for kitchen backsplashes or decorations for kitchen walls? The answer will vary, but you can draw inspiration from these popular materials choices:

Porcelain Tiles

Beautiful porcelain tiles consist of refined clay that hardens under a high temperature inside a kiln. The intense temperature and refinement increase the tiles’ durability. That’s also why porcelain makes excellent kitchen backsplash tiles that last with almost no maintenance.

Metal Tile

Decorative metal tiles in stainless steel, brass, or copper can elevate your kitchen’s visual appeal with an elegant style, from smooth surfaces to stamped geometric patterns. Metal tiles are one of the more costly backsplash choices, but they’re amazing for kitchens that lack reflective surfaces elsewhere.

Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer backsplashes give kitchens a rustic appeal by mimicking old stone facades without the price tag of the real thing. It’s porous, so it will absorb moisture, food splatter, and grease over time and requires frequent cleaning.


A wood backsplash would make a perfect addition to a cottage-style kitchen. However, it also looks good around stainless steel appliances.

Shiplap and beadboard are trendy. But they require sealant and regular maintenance to protect the wood against moisture damage and stains. If that’s a problem, porcelain wood provides the desired wooden aesthetic with less maintenance.


Though porcelain tile is easy to maintain, a glass tile backsplash option requires even less effort to keep clean. They’re available in an array of colors, resistant to fading, and nonporous, so you’ll never worry about discoloration or staining.

Consider Cabinet Creations for Your Kitchen Remodel

What is the best material to use for kitchen backsplash areas if you want to update your kitchen’s appearance? Find out from Cabinet Creations. We proudly serve Southeast, MI, and have years of experience and countless satisfied customers to show for our time in the industry.

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