About Cabinet Creations

Kitchen & Bath Designers

If you have landed on this page either Google sent you here or you are interested in our company. If you’re actually interested in our company we’ll give you some quick insights into who we are:

  • We’re small and we want to be small…we want you to feel like this is an intimate process because it should be
  • We won’t hire jerks
  • Remodeling kitchens / closets / laundry rooms / mud rooms / offices and any other place you may want cabinetry is our passion
  • We’re undoubtedly fun
  • We’re sometimes funny
  • We’re very serious about remodeling
  • We’re very process-driven…so you’re not stressed about remodeling
  • We’ll tell you the truth
  • If you have questions call us and ask…we will generally help anybody
  • We want to help people make good decisions about remodeling and have some fun with the people we meet

We know this sounds cheesy but, working with homeowners to make “dreams” come true is in fact a privilege and pleasure for us. While it seems cheesy, we are often genuinely helping homeowners realize their “dreams”.

The most joyful moments for us are when the 55-year-old woman who has saved for 8 years to afford her dream kitchen finally gets her dream kitchen and tells us how much she loves it!

To be honest, even when homeowners don’t choose us we want to be helpful because remodeling is such a huge life decision and we have heard so many of the horror stories.

So who actually owns Cabinet Creations? One owner’s name is Kirk Richardson and he is super cool, I also wrote this page so I might be biased. The other owner is George Rumble(Kirk’s best friend) so you guessed it, George is super cool too. Kirk loves spreadsheets and George loves construction. Please ask us about our love affairs and we will talk for hours! You could also ask us about our families and we will talk for hours.

We would love to tell you about the people who actually make Cabinet Creations what it is but we have learned other companies use this page to contact our people and try to hire them! So, unfortunately you will have to call us or come to the showroom to meet them. You’ll like them because you guessed it, they are super cool too.

George and Kirk at Prom 1998

George and Kirk at Prom 1998

Cabinets Only

We supply cabinets for those who prefer to do it themselves or are already working with a contractor.

Professional Installation

We are proud to offer Experienced Michigan Designers, using American made cabinetry, and installed by Skilled Michigan craftsmen.