11 Creative Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

11 Creative Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchens might have many features like cabinetry, beautiful islands with seating, and flashy countertop appliances, but it can still be tricky figuring out how to decorate the space. Getting kitchen wall decor right can elevate the entire room’s appearance and make it feel more welcoming. So what do you need to transform a bland kitchen into the perfect one for you and your family?

As the kitchen remodeling experts in Southeast, MI, Cabinet Creations’ crew of experienced craftspeople design, create, and install stunning cabinetry to complement any kitchen design. We specialize in custom cabinetry designs, which is why we understand the value of innovative wall spaces with exceptional decor.

Here, we share some creative decor ideas to inspire you in the quest to adorn your kitchen wall.

11 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Wall

With the internet at your fingertips, kitchen wall decor ideas are virtually limitless. Still, homeowners sometimes need inspiration to find the perfect touches to their interior kitchen design. Try the following:

#1 A Plate Wall Display Doubles as a Space-Saving Solution

When keeping with a kitchen theme, one of the time-tested ideas to consider is decorative plates featuring a specific color or theme. Plates are perfect for mounting onto a single wall inside your kitchen. They will take up space without looking cluttered while putting your lovely dinnerware on display.

#2 A Wallpaper Statement Wall Speaks Volumes About Your Style

Wallpaper is a classic wall decor in homes of old that’s still extremely relevant to modern design trends. You can update your kitchen with the strategic use of wallpaper. For example, instead of covering all the walls, focus on the largest space and turn it into a statement wall with bright or interesting wallpaper.

Does your kitchen lack natural light? Consider a soft yellow wallpaper to brighten the room and give it a warm personality.

#3 Gallery Wall Prints or Frames Can Provide an Elegant Talking Point

If you have a large open wall in your kitchen, consider transforming it into a gallery wall full of framed prints. Themed prints in the same gold, silver, or bronze-colored frames could add a layer of sophistication to your kitchen and create a cohesive design. It’s also easy to fill a wide space with several pictures to help the wall look fuller.

#4 Decorative Wall Baskets Free Up Counters and Look Amazing

For a rustic kitchen wall decor design, why not try wall baskets? Double up on wire or wicker baskets and hang them directly onto the wall instead of taking up precious countertop space. They’ll hold everything from fresh produce to decorative kitchenware, like ornamental mugs and utensils.

#5 Mirror, Mirror on the Kitchen Wall For True Beauty

Mirrors are always an excellent wall decor feature, and they work particularly well in a small kitchen. A broad mirror can take up considerable wall space, but the reflection helps the kitchen look more spacious, open, and inviting. Choose a mirror with framing that will complement the hardware or colors for a well-planned design.

#6 Think Out of the Box with Hanging Pots in Different Spots

Most people associate hanging pots with the space above a kitchen island, but what about on a rack in front of a blank wall? It’s an easy way to create storage space for your extra pots and pans and fill up wall space with a hanging rack for cookware. You could also elevate the floating storage idea by displaying items that feature the same metallic look as your kitchen appliances.

#7 Family Photos Also Count as Inspirational on the Kitchen Wall

Another take on the gallery wall idea is a family portrait wall. This decor idea is wonderful for any homeowner who wants their kitchen to feel like the heart of the home by incorporating a sense of family into the interior design.

To create the wall, select several of your favorite moments and pictures of your family and add matching frames. Unlike a gallery wall with prints, your family wall could have mismatched frame sizes in the same color and still achieve a cohesive aesthetic.

#8 Draw Inspiration on a Chalkboard Wall Week After Week

A chalkboard wall is a fun yet practical addition. You can cover a small wall in chalkboard paint for a bold black color that’s perfect for pictures or grocery lists. Mounted chalkboards also work.

#9 Consider a Board Wall For Something Unique and Practical

Kitchen wall decor can be functional and visually appealing with a board wall that fills the space with various mounted wood cutting boards, pizza boards, and charcuterie boards. You’ll save storage space and add an attractive accent wall.

#10 Be Bold and Splash On a Color Statement Wall

Color makes an enormous impact on any kitchen design. If the room is monochromatic, why not add a pop of color on a blank wall or use a vibrant canvas from your favorite artist? Another option is a bold statement color painted to create a focal point that ties together your kitchen decor.

#11 Remodeled Cabinets Have So Many Benefits Beyond Gorgeous Aesthetics

Have you considered updated cabinetry that’s remodeled, not replaced? Before securing kitchen cabinets, consider enhancing the room’s visual appeal with the following ideas:

  • Increase your kitchen’s storage capacity by adding custom cabinets to an empty wall.
  • Elevate the existing cabinet doors to glass fronts for beautiful displays.
  • Update cabinet metal hardware to add chrome, gold, brass, or other metallic accents.
  • Use open shelves to add a new dimension.

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